Anaglyph 3-D Glasses

Contact Rosco or visit your local theatrical supply store (T.E.R.I. 546-2082 in Knoxville) or motion picture professional supplier. Pick up a sample book of Rosco Cinegels or Roscolux or buy the full Rosco sheets. Try Cinegel Moonlight Blue #656 and Light Red #621 or Roscolux #26 Light Red and #76 Light Blue. If you find better combinations please let me know and I will post them.

Mount the gels in homemade stylish cardboard frames or cheap exotic sunglasses. Remember RED on the LEFT!

A friend asked if anaglyph clip-ons were available so I made him a pair using a full frame 35mm RBT mount provided by Jon Golden's 3D Concept. Remove the "flipper" from a pair of flip-up sunglasses. Use model airplane cement to glue them to the RBT mount. Open the mount and insert red and blue filters (see above).

Dan Shelley has some extra Wendy's glasses. Check his link to see if they are available.

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