Mk I Electric Motorcycle

The Mk I Electric Motorcycle ran on 36 volts. With the motor and bag removed, the Electrolux unit made a great glove compartment. I liked the design of the Electrolux -- it gave a stylish retro look but maintained the "electric" theme.

Not everyone saw it that way though. Back in December 1997 I had the bike in the back of my pickup to have a wheel bearing replaced. I swung into the local BP station for a cup of coffee on the way to Larry's Cycle Supply and Repair.

Mk I Electric MotorcycleThe station is a hangout for Orkin and Terminix men in the morning before they start their routes. Between insecticide and strong coffee these guys get pretty wound up. When they saw the bike, they swarmed (no pun intended) out of the station to get a closer look. They went nuts when I pointed out it was electric. Then the Electrolux mounted on the frame caught their eyes. Buzzing like bees and sloshing coffee everywhere, they went over the edge! Back in the station Exterminator Number One stated seriously, "Your motorcycle sucks." Then Exterminator Number Two asked, "How long is the cord?" Finally Exterminator Number Three asked, "Will it beat a Kirby?"

The Electrolux was an idea "after its time" so to speak. People tended to focus on the Electrolux rather than the motorcycle, so for the Mk II, I simply removed it. The Mk II is basically the Mk I with more and bigger batteries, and runs at 48 Volts.

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